Image scaling

DSC_2541Are you a photographer?

PR bureau?

DSC_2541Are you recieving large quantities of digital images to ?

Do you want the images to be scales for easier and quicker sharing?


On websites it is often preferable that the used images are fairly small, så the site loads easily. If it is images for your webshop it is even more important, as multible images are often used. Only one is normally shown, but there are lot’s of thumbnails.

To ensure that page loads in seconds rather than minutes, images should be as small as possible, and only be loaded when the user want to se it. DSC_2541

You can do this induvidually for alle your images, or you could send us the lot.

Check the prices and the demo below.


Pr. billede: kr. 12,50
Pr. billede over 100: kr. 6,25
Pr. over 500: kr. 2,50
Pr. over 1000: kr. 1,25

Priserne er inklusiv moms.